Intelligent Software

Advances in data processing, cloud infrastructure, and artificial intelligence allow for a fundamentally new class of vertical software products to be built which bake “intelligence” into all layers of the workflow.

We believe that this type of machine-assisted & computationally-aided workflow will be the predominant theme in vertical software of this decade.

Applying reinforcement learning to fundamentally rethink how fresh food inventory is procured & managed.

Using advances in search, data processing, and large language models to rethink financial research

Utilizing WebGPU & Diffusion Models to 100x the iteration loop of graphics designers.

Utilizing large language models to rethink how drugs are approved.

Areas we’re excited about

Computationally aided design tools

Rethinking the workflow of all knowledge workers designing complex systems (e.g. architects, hardware engineers, video editors, software engineers, accountants)

Data-driven Security

Cybersecurity tools leveraging novel sources of data and/or methods of processing data to reduce noise and improve signal

Next generation data management & search

So much has changed in our ability to capture, collect, structure, & understand information at scale. We believe there are substantial opportunities in vertical applications of these ideas in different markets (e.g. business intelligence and observability).

Vertical Agents

Building LLM-enabled agentic systems to automate highly specialized workflows or tasks

Rebuilding legacy tools and services with AI

Many categories that have traditionally been services-dominated by decades-old incumbent software and consulting services can now be completely re-thought thanks to AI (e.g. systems integrators, outsourced 3D artists, subsets of legal & compliance work)

Advanced Simulation

Tools leveraging breakthroughs in computation to allow for higher fidelity simulation and analysis of complex systems


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