Hosted by Innovation Endeavors, Curiosity Camp is a lot of things, but it is not a conference.

It’s an unconference — an event with no preset schedule, no booths, no panels, no ego, and most importantly, no cell service. It’s an opportunity for the most curious minds in science, technology, business, and policy to converge, share insights, and build on each other’s ideas.

At Curiosity Camp, you can make a fire from sticks and string, lead a group discussion about the coming threat of superbugs, row a canoe with a roboticist, and discuss physics with a rocket scientist — all before sundown on your first night.

Who can attend Curiosity Camp?

Our incredible guests include scientists, technologists, artists, entrepreneurs, investors, policy-makers, academics, and researchers.

And while we maintain Chatham House Rules and don’t share much about Camp online (hint: you have be there to experience it) but we can say this — if you want to learn about the science and ethics of terraforming Mars with microbes; learn to recruit, develop, and retain talent; build the right board for your company; dive into traversable wormholes; manage your own psychology; or combat climate change; you can learn it here — directly from the experts in their field.

When does Curiosity Camp take place?

Curiosity Camp kicks off the first weekend of June.

Camp 2024 will be May 31 - June 2.

Where does Curiosity Camp take place?

Former NorCal Boy Scouts will recognize our beautiful 200+ acre Scout campground, complete with hiking trails, a swimming pool, mess hall, and more.

We collect guest nominations year round!

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