When we launched Innovation Endeavors, we set out to tackle the big challenges humanity would face over the following decades. Those challenges are now at our doorstep.

But there’s good news. We have never been better positioned to solve important problems and support the audacious changemakers transforming their industries — and reshaping our world.

Our strategy is simple

We convene the world's top talent

by leveraging differentiated networks in technology, academia, and venture capital ecosystems.

We create a prepared mind

through deep, thesis-driven research that leverages horizontal technology expertise.

We work hard to be the partner of choice

and engage with industry leaders to provide our community of entrepreneurs with the best connections and opportunities possible.

We Collaborate

Change tends to be revolutionary, not evolutionary. We’re placing big bets on innovators building a better future.

We seek big ideas at their inception

Innovation Endeavors

Our firm was founded in 2010 by former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, and
Dror Berman. Our team is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

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Curiosity Camp

Curiosity Camp:
Where ideas converge and solutions emerge.

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