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Rick is a founding partner at Innovation Endeavors. He led the firm’s investments in AlphaSense and TuneIn. Rick is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Marker LLC, a New York-based leading venture capital and growth equity firm focused on the US and Israel.

Rick is equally ruled by his left and right brains, and he’s happiest when he’s knee-deep in data and creative software — designing complex analytical models, creating responsive visualizations and graphics, and building long-term growth plans. He revels in uncovering hidden patterns that lead to outsized opportunities.

Rick’s first discovery was AirAsia in 2002. He was living in Singapore and was about to launch an Asian venture firm called Crescent Point. Rick noticed the convergence of three trends — the rise of multiple Asian economies, a growing consumer market, and increased connectivity — and jumped at the opportunity to help create a new airline model that dramatically altered the landscape in Asia, making long distance travel affordable and accessible.  

After sixteen years of living in Asia, Rick moved back to the US and launched Marker. At Marker, he invested in a number of high-growth technology companies including Yext (2017 IPO), Datorama, Taboola, and Team8.

Earlier in his career, Rick was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. He earned a BA (cum laude) from Middlebury College, where he concentrated on art and physics. He is currently a member of the Middlebury College Board of Trustees.

Rick is enthralled with designing modern living structures for his family that push the edges of minimalism, materials, and gravity.

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