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Davis is a principal on the investment team at Innovation Endeavors. He broadly focuses on software and computing infrastructure, machine intelligence, and tools for builders (e.g. developers, designers, and engineers). 

Davis is particularly interested in startups building on top of core work in cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, databases, machine learning, or other foundational areas of computer science in order to build transformative products, both at the infrastructure and the application layer. He especially likes working with product-oriented founders who combine deep technical insights in these areas with a relentless focus on design, user experience, and simplicity of use. 

Davis led the firm’s investments and currently sits on the board of Earthly, an open-source build management and continuous integration company, and CipherMode, a data collaboration company leveraging recent advances in cryptography. Beyond that, he is deeply involved with many of the firm’s broader investments across security, intelligent software, and computing infrastructure, such as Panther, Authomize, Tromzo, and Continual

Prior to joining Innovation Endeavors, Davis was a product manager at Google, where he worked on the Pixel phone as well as the developer platform for Google Assistant. The latter is what drove a lot of Davis’ interests in developer tooling and software infrastructure more broadly. 

Davis double majored in computer science and electrical engineering at Duke University, where he graduated valedictorian of the engineering school. He grew up in Austin, Texas, where his family actually owns 20 cows, and he misses the BBQ, country music, and Texas hill country vibes a lot. 

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