We work with audacious, multidisciplinary changemakers who want to transform their industries.

Much like the innovators that we support, our team is highly technical, passionate, and curious. We’re with you through every step — working as a team to bring you the resources needed for the next milestone.

Our firm was founded in 2010 by former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt and Dror Berman. Our ethos is rooted in three tenets inspired by firm co-founder Eric Schmidt's leadership style:

Be bold

Change tends to be revolutionary, not evolutionary. We’re placing big bets on innovators building a better future.

Try new things

Celebrate failures. Explore, experiment and learn. Even if you fail, you’ll learn something important.

Be passionately curious

Curiosity is the precursor to creativity and invention.

We Collaborate

Change tends to be revolutionary, not evolutionary. We’re placing big bets on innovators building a better future.

Our Values

Our Values

We Collaborate

So you thrive. We tap into each other’s areas of diverse expertise, leverage networks and community-driven partnerships, and bring in leaders from industry and academia to problem solve together. When you work with one of us, you’re supported by the whole team. We’re a package deal.

We go deep

Both tactical and strategic. Our due diligence process is deeply technical and scientific. And once we complete countless hours of research and identify and determine an opportunity, we move forward with conviction as a team.

We’re open and honest

We communicate consistently and clearly and strive to always be reachable for support. We have no closed doors. No ego. We’re in service to our founders.

Our Approach

We dive deep into large, slow-moving industries and reimagine how individual companies and the systems around them behave. This work requires a holistic, multidisciplinary approach that leverages community, collaboration, and connection.


Intentional communities

Many of the largest (and slowest moving) industries exist in silos. By connecting the dots and bringing strategic thinkers together, we can evolve faster. We foster intentional, goal-oriented relationships between technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and large corporations — fast-tracking industry-wide change.


Academic connections

We partner closely with some of the most highly-regarded research universities worldwide to intersect with the best talent, learn about bleeding-edge innovations, and understand the latest research and discoveries.


Curated events

We have curated event programming designed to support every stage of the founder journey ranging from intimate curated discussion with industry thought leaders or summits with hundreds of your peers meant address emerging trends and challenges and networking.

Curiosity Camp

Curiosity Camp:
Where ideas converge and solutions emerge.

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