The future of industry lies in the power of relationships

Our Growth & Partnership team is committed to providing tailored, purposeful access to the people and technologies leading the Super Evolution of industry.

We serve two customers: Corporations looking for a competitive edge and startups looking to grow.

Our full-time team is dedicated to creating relationship-building opportunities between Fortune 500 leaders and startup founders. We work with some of the largest, most influential companies in the world and have delivered $100+ million in value to Innovation Endeavors companies.

Get Engaged

Whether it’s introducing a promising founder to a Fortune 500 executive, producing a content-rich,  200-person summit for CISOs in New York, or hosting a delegation of leaders on a week-long tour of the Israeli tech scene, the Innovation Endeavors Growth & Partnership team helps bridge the gap between startup and industry.

Demos Summits Dinners Delegations Innovators


A demo day is a powerful primer for companies that want to get an advance look at emerging technologies ranging from machine learning and robotics to satellites. It provides an opportunity to gain an unfair advantage over your competition, while giving you a chance to influence future product development.

A member of our Growth & Partnership team will interview you to learn more about your business and propose a list of companies from our portfolio and extended network that match your strategic needs. You choose which companies you want to get to know better and we’ll arrange for you meet at one of our at one of our three locations (New York, Israel or Silicon Valley) for an executive briefing and product demonstration.


Attend content-rich conferences where you can meet 100-200 of your peers and learn how they’re addressing emerging trends and challenges, from protecting against state-sponsored hackers to the impacts of personalization and localization in marketing.

Invitees represent multiple industries from around the world, and speakers are carefully selected for their established leadership. Apply to attend a future event here.


Join us for an intimate, highly-curated gathering of like-minded people for an evening of stimulating conversation. We bring together a handful of domain experts and discuss the future of a particular industry or domain, creating the opportunity for collaboration and idea-sharing.


The best way to learn about the Israeli startup scene is by immersing yourself in the culture through a one-week delegation tour led by a local. Multiple members of our team have lived and worked in Israel and will design a personalized visit that meets your objectives, including dinners and meetings with regional leaders in government and business.


The Innovators Program is an ongoing partnership. It is an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with our firm and learn about cutting-edge technologies and businesses from a position of influence. You will attend multiple events throughout the year, including demo days and dinners, provide feedback on emergent technologies, and have an ongoing view into the Innovation Endeavors network.

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