industry-wide change

In an effort to drive 100X improvement while learning as much and as quickly as possible, we build and foster ecosystems around problems we want to solve.

Many of the slowest industries exist in silos. By connecting the dots and bringing people together, we can break the silos and move faster as a collective.

We foster intentional, goal-oriented relationships between technical specialists, entrepreneurs, investors and large companies — fast-tracking industry-wide change.

So far, we have created three ecosystems. More will come over time.

Deep Life Farm2050 LINK

Deep Life

A new field is emerging at the intersection of two of the most consequential trends in human history: The ability to decode and code life, and the ability to solve complex problems with the help of AI.

Deep Life is an ecosystem of organizations committing to solving the hardest problems at the intersection of life science and computer science.

We believe a deeper partnership between people and organizations in life science and computer science will unlock new possibilities for longer life and better health for all of humanity, as well as the planet, itself.

Partners include Clalit Health Services and Research Institute, LEO Pharma, Mount Sinai, Novozymes, Schmidt Futures, and a collection of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs.


By 2050 we will have 10 billion people in the world, requiring a 70% increase in food production.

We founded Farm2050 to bring together researchers, farmers, manufacturers and distributors to support startups aiming to solve this global challenge and improve the efficiency and nutrition of food.

We engaged with more than 700 companies, which led to investments in five agriculture-related startups: Plenty, CropX, Ukko, Afresh and Blue River Technology (acquired by John Deere).


The world’s supply chains are required to accelerate to the speed of e-commerce, yet many of the processes, technologies, and infrastructure are stuck in 20th-century thinking. As consumers continue to expect items bought online to arrive quickly and cheaply, it places enormous pressure on traditional supply chains that are not set up for rapid and flexible delivery. 

Co-led with Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP), LINK is an ecosystem focused on accelerating global supply chain innovation. 

LINK brings together some of the world’s biggest supply chain players and entrepreneurs who are designing cutting-edge supply chain technologies to create a supply chain that is both resilient and efficient while meeting the needs of rapid, online delivery. 

Partners include BMW, Carter’s, DHL, Estee Lauder, Georgia Pacific, PepsiCo, Shopify, Starbucks and USPS.

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