Once upon a time, you needed luck and timing to hail a cab. Uber’s lightning-fast platform changed all that by leveraging technologies such as geolocation, mapping, push notifications and mobile payments. Uber continues to drive the super evolution of transportation by accelerating the advent of self-driving cars and flying cars.

SoFi re-imagined personal finance at a time when people had lost faith in soulless institutions. Rather than rely on credit scores, SoFi evaluates creditworthiness by crunching more meaningful data such as cash flow, education and professional history. SoFi supports its customers and builds loyalty through career coaching and social events.

Planet images all of Earth’s landmass daily. It operates the largest fleet of commercial Earth-imaging satellites in orbit and collects 7 terabytes of imagery every day for its customers. Planet designs and builds new satellites in weeks — faster than any organization in history — by using low-cost, off-the-shelf electronics and rapid design iteration.

Plenty’s mission is to make clean, flavorful, and nutritious produce accessible and affordable for everyone. Its indoor, vertical farms deploy hundreds of sensors to measure details such as light and water consumption; computers powered with machine-learning run hundreds experiments to determine the most efficient way to grow.

Zymergen designs, engineers, and optimizes single-celled organisms that make molecules for new and advanced materials, such as flexible electronic screens, plastics and adhesives. The company has amassed more than two terabases of proprietary physical and digital DNA data  —  the largest catalog of genetic diversity in the world.

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