Accelerating the Super Evolution of  Industry

The Super Evolution

Rapid technological advancements in three areas — data, leading-edge computation and advanced engineering — are converging, speeding up the product development cycle. This accelerated rate of change is called the Super Evolution.


A proliferation of data from the physical and biological worlds is giving us endless information about things we could never measure before.


Machine learning and edge computing make computational power cheaper and stronger than ever, so that it has become easier and faster to ingest data and drive insights. This allows us to discover and understand complex patterns and make predictions.

Advanced Engineering

Advances in engineering, such as robotics, 3D printing and CRISPR make it possible for us to translate those insights into action in the biological and physical worlds quickly and cost effectively.

The Super Evolution is allowing startups to advance faster than incumbents.

Learning will continue to accelerate, resulting in extremely agile, powerful companies.

This process will fundamentally, irrevocably transform every single industry.

What we do

Partner with “Agents of Change”— teams of hard-core technologists who are reimagining the largest industries in order to bring their visions to life.

Dive deep into large, slow-to-move industries and rethinking previous assumptions about how individual companies and the systems around them behave.

Support our founders by proactively creating new industry ecosystems that include Fortune 500 companies, academics, entrepreneurs and other industry leaders in order to make change happen faster.

How we do it

Our perspective as a firm is rooted in three tenets inspired by Eric Schmidt's leadership style that are required to effect significant, lasting change:

Seek moonshot thinking

Change tends to be revolutionary, not evolutionary. Incrementalism leads to irrelevance. Place big bets on the future.

Try new things

Celebrate failures. Explore, experiment and learn. Even if you fail, you’ll probably learn something important.

Be passionately curious

Curiosity is the precursor to creativity and invention.

About the firm

Innovation Endeavors was founded in 2010 by Eric Schmidt and Dror Berman.  Our investment and portfolio support teams are located in Silicon Valley and New York City.

How we build ecosystems around our companies