Our Investment in OwnBackup

In our mission to invest in world-class technologists, we are excited to announce our investment in Sam Gutmann, Ariel Berkman, Eran Cohen, and Ori Yankelev – the founding team at OwnBackup, the leading cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery service for Salesforce, social media channels, and now ServiceNow. OwnBackup helps mid-sized and large enterprises protect their business-critical SaaS application data and provides access to restore tools to minimize disruption to operations, ensure business continuity and meet compliance requirements. In doing so, Sam, Ariel, Eran, and Ori are tackling the challenging problem of SaaS dependability, which has the opportunity to rapidly drive massive mainstream enterprise SaaS/cloud adoption.
We enjoyed getting to know the team over the past few months – OwnBackup’s co-founders are a group of data-recovery, data-protection, and information-security experts, each with over 15 years of experience in their respective fields. In addition to having a stellar team, OwnBackup is addressing a pressing concern for many different types of companies across multiple industries: backup and recovery. With the explosion of cloud computing due to a range of benefits over on-prem, it has become recommended, if not critical, to transition to SaaS/cloud solutions to drive down costs, to remain agile and competitive.  

But with the amount of data shifting to the cloud, there has become an increasing importance on managing risks associated with remote data storage. We see OwnBackup addressing this need and making sure that companies can leverage all the advantages the cloud has to offer.  All too often, companies suffer from data loss and corruption caused by anything from human error or malicious intent to integration error or malware. Even these days, many core SaaS business applications (e.g. Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, etc.) find it easier and more effective to refer clients to third-party companies like OwnBackup for backup, then build out these services themselves in-house. Finally, in today’s regulatory environment, enterprises need certain standards of performance and reporting required to meet compliance regulations in a number of industries.

OwnBackup solves this problem with easily the most intuitive, reliable, and granular backup and recovery features in the market: it is the only solution that gives you a full set of tools to recover data loss of any size at any level of granularity, true daily backup on even the largest orgs, and comparing data snapshots across time. We are proud to see that OwnBackup is the #1 rated backup and restore ISV on the Salesforce.com AppExchange and just recently, OwnBackup was named by Gartner as a 2015 Cool Vendor in Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management, a coveted title in the IT enterprise field.

We could not be happier to welcome Sam, Ariel, Eran, and Ori to the Innovation Endeavors family, and we look forward to seeing OwnBackup transform the global SaaS backup and recovery landscape.

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