Why we Invested in Yotpo

We have recently announced our investment in Yotpo, one of the world’s fastest growing marketing platforms. We have been tracking the progress of the Yotpo team for a few years now, and have been impressed by its rockstar team, the way it’s applying cutting edge technology to the content marketing space, and its impressive execution and market traction.

The Yotpo team reflects everything you think of when it comes to Israeli entrepreneurs: smart, energetic (very!), confident, and an attitude that aims to take over the world . Tomer and Omri have built a unique culture amongst the 50+ employees -- all exude excitement and pride in what they are doing. They have also surrounded themselves with some of the best advisors in the world around key strategic areas, including Warren Adelman, the former CEO of GoDaddy. Once again, it’s all about the people.

Yotpo has a big opportunity to make a significant financial and human impact globally. As the e-commerce market is changing quickly, online merchants require the sophistication to compete with the “Amazon’s” of the world. Yotpo applies technology to generate customer content, drive quality traffic, and increase conversions. The data Yotpo generates from each customer engagement contributes to a better experience for the next customer. The data collected from every merchant improves the performance for the next merchant. Hence, the product gets better as more customers and merchants use it. This is one product quality that every startup should seek. 

Finally, Yotpo’s growth metrics are amongst the best in the industry. It is very challenging to scale a business for the long tail of online merchants. With over 100K(!) business customers, growing 400% YoY, Yotpo is scaling in a nonlinear way. It is currently serving 140M consumers monthly. Yotpo has signed their first enterprise clients recently and established partnerships with leading distribution channels. It is one of the fastest growing apps on top of those channels, offering the best solution for ratings and reviews. It is servicing a market need in a unique way, growing quickly, and proving value to its clients. 

Welcome to the family, Yotpo. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to take part in this adventure!