Actionable Marketing Metrics with Datorama

At Innovation Endeavors, we’re partnering with entrepreneurs who are able to apply emerging technology to challenges within global industries. One of the most important elements to being able to propose technology-driven solutions—particularly for enterprise platforms—is experience on the other side of the table. If you’re selling into call centers, you need to know what it’s like to be a phone support rep; if you’re selling into law firms, you need to know what it’s like to be an attorney. This deep understanding of their customer is one of the reasons why we’re so excited to be partnering with the team at Datorama.

The platform tackles the hairy problem that every marketer must contend with: bringing together a wide variety of metrics, from a wide variety of marketing channels, to create a real-time, cohesive picture of how well marketing efforts are performing. As you might imagine, the way you measure activity on Facebook, is different from the way you measure SEO, which is different from the way you measure a TV ad, or Twitter engagement. In order to evaluate it all, Datorama’s platform unifies and normalizes all the performance data. And to make it user-friendly, the platform makes it delightfully easy to create visual insight reports.

The founding team is comprised of rock stars. Ran and Efi are strong technical founders with incredible domain expertise (they were the team behind MediaMind, which was acquired by DG). And Katrin’s experience at Havas, where she managed analytics, is unmatched. While there, she tested a variety of solutions to try and solve this very problem. She knows first-hand what challenges face the industry, having worked at a premier agency.

So they took matters into their own hands, and with Datorama, they have made it possible for marketers to answer questions like:

  • Which marketing channel is most effective?
  • How does an investment in one channel impact the performance of other channels?
  • What’s the ROI for each channel, and for the overall campaign?


It has been thrilling for us to watch Datorama’s success—they have been bringing on national clients at an impressive rate, and the industry has taken note of their unique solution to this pervasive challenge.

In closing, I’d like to give a hat tip to Doron Alter, who led this investment with Datorama. Their team is an exciting example of one of the many companies in our community with team members in both Israel and the US. They’re helping us continue to build the bridge between both technology ecosystems!