Scott Brady

Founding Partner

Scott is a founding partner at Innovation Endeavors and a serial entrepreneur. He’s equal parts investor, founder, technologist, leader, teacher and coach. He co-founded three publicly-traded tech companies and is a board member at some of the most ambitious startups in tech. 

In his role as an investor, Scott looks to partner with entrepreneurs who are tackling technically difficult challenges that are capital intensive and truly transformative. These companies leverage a proliferation of data and new computation and automation tools to run more experiments, learn and iterate faster, better and cheaper, and speed up the growth cycle.

Scott has led Innovation Endeavors investments in multiple companies, including: Plenty, which is driving the super evolution of the $3-trillion-dollar agriculture industry with indoor, vertical farms that are powered by machine learning, data science and automation; Clear Metal, which is leveraging AI and machine learning to clean up disorganized, dirty data in the supply chain, making it easier to predict problems and manage complexity; Citrine uses AI and massive data sets to accelerate materials discovery and product development. 

Prior to joining Innovation Endeavors, Scott was the CEO of Slice, where he was also a co-founder and board member. Prior to Slice, he was co-founder and CEO of FiberTower, the co-founder and CTO of Clarus Corporation and the co-founder and CTO of SQLFinancials.

Scott is also a lecturer in management at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he teaches about management and new venture formation. Additionally, he serves on the school’s Advisory Council and is Chairman of the advisory board for its MSx Program. 
Scott earned his Masters in Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and a Bachelor’s in Finance from The University of Florida with High Honors. He’s a father to twins, who attend college five states apart. His other personal passions include long distance, multi-state, unplanned motorcycle rides and building things, including a new home, made out of advanced materials. Scott holds multiple software and technology patents.