Dylan Morris

Investment Team

Dylan is a member of the Investment Team and is passionate about accelerating the future of biology. He is excited about opportunities that leverage data to make biological engineering more tractable. He cares deeply about human health and is eager to explore creative ways to stimulate biomedical research and hasten the pace of innovation in this area.

Prior to joining Innovation Endeavors, Dylan cofounded Integrated Plasmonics, a venture-backed medical device company that developed novel optical sensor technology for low-cost, distributed diagnostics. At Integrated Plasmonics, Dylan was responsible for fundraising, recruiting, business development, and corporate strategy.

Dylan received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Harvard University, where he conducted original research in primate cognitive neuroscience. He worked in the software industry for several years before enrolling in a Biophysics PhD program at the California Institute of Technology. His research at Caltech involved computational investigations into bacterial structural biology.

He enjoys urban culture and outdoor activities.